1) Sorry, I didn't want to get ______ trouble. a) in b) into c) on d) for 2) You'd better get rid ______ the extra material. You don't wanna be caught red handed. a) of b) on c) for d) in 3) I'll do the same so I'll get even ______ her. a) on b) to c) in d) with 4) My sister sent a bunch ______ flowers to his boyfriend. She's so cheesy. a) for b) of c) with d) at 5) She is a liar, she's not experienced ______ payrolls. a) in b) on c) of d) with 6) Every time you make a mistake, you have to be responsible ______ it. a) of b) at c) with d) for 7) Did you call Susan to congratulate her ______ her promotion? a) on b) for c) at d) with 8) The new company will be responsible for providing the warehouse ______ the spare parts. a) of b) for c) with d) on 9) Office Depot supplies the paper sheets ______ the company. a) for b) with c) in d) to 10) Please, hurry up, I need the report ______ the sales before noon. a) of b) on c) about d) for

Unit one (prepositions)




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