1) She _______ comedies. a) likes b) like c) don't like d) is likeing 2) Linda _______ late. a) don't stay up b) stay up c) is stay up d) doesn't stay up 3) _____ you like watching science-fiction films? a) Does b) Do c) Are d) Is 4) We _____ to the cinema on Fridays. a) going b) go c) goes d) doesn't go 5) _____ Jane and Jack ride their bikes in the park on Sundays? a) Does b) Do c) Are d) Is 6) We ____ like listening to classical music. We hate it. a) doesn't b) isn't c) aren't d) don't 7) My brother _________ basketball on Saturdays. a) play b) plays c) don't play d) playing 8) I ____ get up early at the weekend. a) doesn't b) don't c) aren't d) isn't 9) When _____ you go to bed? a) does b) do c) is d) are 10) My mother and I ________ go to the cinema nowadays. a) aren't b) isn't c) don't d) doesn't




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