1) Where is Big Ben? a) In Dublin b) In London c) In New York d) In Rome e) In Glasgow f) In Edimburgh 2) What is the height of Big Ben? a) 334 metres b) 14 metres c) 2 metres d) 96 metres e) 20 metres f) 4,3 metres 3) How many steps are there to reach the top? a) 96 b) 400 c) 190 d) 399 e) 321 f) 1700 4) What's the official name of Big Ben? a) Elizabeth Tower b) Palace of Westminster c) Benjamin Tower d) Great Britain Tower e) Giant Tower f) It hasn't got an official name 5) Big Ben is the name of … a) The Queen b) The King c) The Princess d) The Prince e) The River f) The Bell 6) How can you say "Thames" in italian? a) Senna b) Danubio c) Volga d) Tevere e) Tamigi f) Po 7) How many clocks are there on the tower? a) one b) two c) three d) four e) five f) six




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