1) She enjoys ___ to music. a) to listen b) listening c) listen 2) I agreed ___ him wash the car. a) to help b) helping c) help 3) You must ___ your mother immediately. a) to call b) calling c) call 4) Would you like ___ for a walk? a) to go b) going c) go 5) She made me ___ the laundry. a) to do b) doing c) do 6) I'm looking forward ___ them again! a) to meet b) to meeting c) meet 7) He's going to the library ___ a book. a) to get b) getting c) get 8) I can't stand ___ . a) to swim b) swimming c) swim 9) She started ___ new language. a) to learn b) learning c) learn 10) She told me how ___ this exercise. a) to do b) doing c) do 11) You should stop ___ coffee. a) to drink b) drinking c) drink 12) I really love ___ a bike. a) to ride b) riding c) ride 13) You should ___ more dairy products. a) to eat b) eating c) eat 14) You mustn't ___ here. a) to park b) parking c) park 15) How about ___ a cake? a) to bake b) baking c) bake 16) I would rather ___ to the park. a) to go b) going c) go

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