EVALUATION P1- SOCIO ECONOMIC DIVISION less important than APPEAL OF FASCISM: In evaluation, while the socio-economic problems facing Italy after WW1 created a fertile ground for a radical ideology to emerge as a real political force, it was the ability of the Fascists to exploit the situation that best explains why they were able to successfully compete with other radical ideologies like that of the Communists, The Fascist message of stability, anti-communism and national pride was a very effective recruiting tool, especially with groups like the Church and business, who preferred order and hierarchy to democracy, EVALUATION P2- APPEAL OF FASCISM= MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR: In evaluation, it is clear that what truly made the Fascists appealing was the flexibility of their message and the force of Mussolini’s personality. In fact, the vagueness of Fascist ideology and its ‘appeal to everyone’ was in marked contrast to their communist rivals, who appealed solely to workers., Above all, Mussolini successfully portrayed himself as the saviour of Italy, someone who could solve all of the problems caused by other factors such as the economic and political crises and the humiliation of the Peace Settlement., EVALUATION P3- Appeal of Fascism MORE IMPORTANT than Impact of the Peace Settlement: In evaluation, the settlement was only part of a much wider problem of economic chaos after the War, and people cared more about jobs and wages. Fascist propaganda linked both the settlement and the incompetence of the government directly to the economic misery, further making the case for radical political change, Therefore, it was less the peace settlement itself than Mussolini’s ability to exploit the resentment it caused that really helped him come to power by persuading people that only he could correct this ‘injustice’., EVALUATION P4- Appeal of Mussolini MORE IMPORTANT than Mistakes of Opponents: In evaluation, the weakness of both the political system and the parties within it meant that Mussolini had a much easier path to power., In particular, the failure of the left to engage in government caused gridlock that further accentuated the contrast between the dysfunctional parliament, and the promise of stability and decisiveness that the Fascists offered through their propaganda.,




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