1) What is the basic unit of speed? a) metres per second b) seconds per metre c) inches per minutes d) bald eagles per donuts e) miles per day 2) How can you calculate average speed of an object? a) divide total time by total distance b) divide any distance by any time c) divide total distance by total time d) divide volume of the object by mass of ht object 3) What distance does a vehicle travel at average speed of 20 m/s in 2 minutes? a) 240000 cm b) 1,5 km c) 1500 m d) 0,24 km e) ? 4) Which of these graphs show that vehicle was accelerating at start, then slowed down, sped up again and after that it was moving constant speed? a) b) c) d) 5) Which of these sentences are true? a) you can make graph of mass over distance b) you can calculate distance by calculating area under the speed-time graph c) acceleration is measured in m/s2 d) you can calculate speed by dividing distance by time 6) How can you calculate acceleration? a) change in velocity/time taken b) a=(v-u)/t c) a=m/s d) v=t/s 7) A car travels 101 km in 2 hours. What is its average speed? a) 50,5 km/h b) 14,027 m/s c) 31,38 Mph d) 0,8416 km/min 8) Which of these are true? a) Car A is going the fastest b) car C has constant speed c) Car B has speed of 2,5 m/s d) Car A has gone 300 m in 50 s 9) A spaceship was going at speed of 11300 km/h, then accelerated to the speed of 13000 km/h over 2 minutes. What is its acceleration? a) 1020 Mph2 b) 92,5m/s2 c) 112,1 km/h d) 3,94m/s2 10) Was this test very easy? a) Yes b) No c) A bit of that and a bit of that


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