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very brave or bravely determined - valiant, the state of being a man - manhood, not influenced or controlled in any way by others - independent, a beautiful view from a high position - vista, an adult male deer - stag, extremely and surprisingly good - wondrous, to hurry after sg in order to catch it - to chase, to contain large numbers of sg, esp. animals or humans - to teem with something, to move slowly, quietly, and carefully, in order to avoid being noticed - to creep, a sudden, short period of noise - commotion , a seat made of leather, used on a horse or a bicycle - saddle, to go and live somewhere - to settle, to pull sg with a sudden movement, to remove it:  - to pluck , to give sg to sy as their share of a total amount - to allocate, a large meal for many people - feast,

The White Stag, Definitions


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