He apologized ____ the teacher ____ being late. He is arriving ____ San Paolo next Monday. They're arriving ____ Sheremetyevo airport at 11.40 pm. Who does this car belong ____? I'll pay ____ my flat with the bank card this month. This music reminds me ____ our vacation in Singapore. I like spending a lot of money ____ my hobbies. Do you believe ____ any conspiracy theory? I'm looking forward ____ relaxing ____ the weekend. I never argue ____ my co-workers ____ anything. I'm very interested ____ reading intelligent books. Don't laugh ____ me! I dream ____ going to Georgia this summer. Monica is worried ____ her mother's health. You are too good ____ me. Saint-Petersburg is famous ____ its unique architecture. I'm fed up ____ political news! Don't be rude ____ me, that's unacceptable! I'm so tired ____ being home ____ the weekend. He is keen ____ Scandinavian mythology.

NEF Intermediate 3rd edition Dependent prepositions extra activity




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