1) (noun) ​someone who works at the front desk of a hotel or office building a) receptionist b) decision c) sail 2) (noun)​ the act of choosing between different possibilities a) sail b) coconut c) decision 3) (noun) ​a large piece of cloth on a boat that fills with wind to make the boat move a) stone b) sail c) hut 4) (noun) a large round nut with a brown shell that has liquid and a white food inside a) hut b) coconut c) paper 5) (noun) a piece of the hard, solid substance that is in the ground; a rock a) hut b) tire c) stone 6) (noun) ​the thin flat thing that you write or draw on a) paper b) oil drum c) vine 7) (noun) the black round thing that fits over a wheel on something like a car or bicycle a) plastic sheet b) oil drum c) tire 8) (noun) ​a plant with long stems that climbs up trees or walls or grows along the ground a) raft b) vine c) stick 9) (noun) ​a large, thin piece of plastic that can fold easily. Plastic is a strong, light substance made from chemicals a) plastic sheet b) oil drum c) chess 10) (noun) ​a very large can used to hold oil. Oil is the black liquid from under the ground that is used to make gasoline a) matches b) vine c) oil drum 11) (noun) ​a flat boat with no sides, usually made by tying wood or other things together a) stick b) stone c) raft 12) (noun) short sticks of wood that have a chemical at one end that burns when you rub it against a rough surface a) matches b) stick c) factory 13) (noun) a game played by two people on a board with small squares on it. each player has 16 pieces that can be moved on the squares in different ways a) vine b) chess c) stone 14) (noun)​ something that happens to you or that you do a) decision b) experience c) sail 15) (noun) a big building where large amounts of different products are made a) factory b) stick c) oil drum




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