A farmer who plants corn in his field is an example of a ____. The lady who buys corn on the cob from the farm stand is a ____. A police officer protecting the community is an example of a ____. The boy who bought a costume of a police officer for Halloween is a ____. The grocery store worker is a ____. The man who bought a cart full of groceries is a ____. The baker who works at the donut shop is a ____. The girl who came into the shop and bought a dozen donuts is the ____. The video game designer who created a new video game for kids is a ____. The boy who saved up his money and bought the new video is a ____. A man went to the fruit stand to buy berries, he is a ____. After the man bought the berries, he went home and made berry muffins to sell at the fair, now he is a ____.

Producer or Consumer Fill in the Blank




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