Best basketball player?, Who´s the president of Venezuela?, Name of Jack Skellington´s girlfriend in the movie THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS?, Name of CURIOUS GEORGE owner?, Coach of TIGRES SOCCER TEAM?, Where did the PANDEMIC begin?, In what city is the COLA DE CABALLO?, Actor who played the roll "CHAVO DEL OCHO"?, Soccer club won the CLUB WORLD CUP IN QATAR 2021?, Actor performed the roll BLACK PANTHER?, Name of the DRAGON in the movie RAYA?, Brother of PEPPA PIG?, Name of CLARK KENT´s human father?, Actor played roll HULK in last AVENGER MOVIE?, Sing the RAYADOS SONG?, Sing the TIGRES SONG?, Singer with more GRAMMYS AWARD 2021?, Actors of the mexican movie DOS TIPOS DE CUIDADO?, Largest country in the WORLD?, Smallest country in the WORLD?.




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