1) 1. To _________ means to eat quickly and in large chunks. a) roots b) gobble c) mist d) individuality 2) 2. A person's _________ are his or her ancestors. a) mist b) gobble c) roots d) individuality 3) 3. ____________ is a quality that makes one person or thing different from others. a) Individuality b) mist c) gobble d) roots 4) 4._______ is a cloud of tiny droplets of water or other liquid in the air. a) Individuality b) Mist c) Gobble d) Roots 5) 5. A __________ compares two unlike things without using the words like or as. a) personification b) imagery c) metaphor d) free verse 6) 6. _____________ is when human characteristics are given to anything that is not human. a) Imagery b) Personification c) Free verse d) Metaphor 7) 7. _________ is the use of words to create a picture in the reader’s mind. a) Imagery b) Personification c) Free Verse d) Metaphor 8) 8. A free verse poem … a) does not follow the usual rules of poetry. b) does not have a rhyme scheme or metrical pattern. c) may have irregular lines. d) All answers are correct.

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