1) How many people are hungry in the world? a) 1 billion-1.2 billion b) 600-700 million c) 400-500 million d) 200-300 million e) I don't know f) Other... 2) What percentage of the world is hungry? a) 5-10% b) 0-5% c) 10-15% d) 25-30% e) I don't know f) Other... 3) Why do you think hunger is a big deal? (your opinion) a) People are dying b) Its unfair that people are suffering when other people live good lives c) A large portion of the world is hungry d) I don't really think that hunger is a big deal e) Other... 4) What do you think hunger is? (your opinion) a) When people can't get/buy food. b) Going to bed hungry most nights! c) When your hungry. d) Other... e) I don't know 5) How do you think Hunger is impacting people. a) It's impacting people negatively by causing people to starve. b) It prevents them from doing most other things. c) It prevents them to be themselves d) I don't think its impacting people. e) Other... f) I don't know 6) How many people do you think are hungry in Massachusetts alone? a) 1-1.1 million b) 400-600 thousand c) 600-800 thousand d) 800 thousand-1 million e) Above 1.1 million f) Under 400 thousand




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