1) She didn’t _____ many photos when she went to Italy. a) do b) have c) take 2) You need a passport if you want to go___ a) by plane b) on holiday c) abroad 3) The food at the restaurant was_______________. a) comfortable b) delicious c) crowded 4) The weather was lovely. It was_________________every day. a) foggy b) cloudy c) sunny 5) Julie and Andy______________their flights online. a) booked b) hired c) rented 6) I_______________most of my time at the beach when I’m on holiday. a) spend b) go c) buy 7) Did you_________________any souvenirs when you were in Brazil? a) buy b) take c) have 8) We went_________________for a few days over Christmas. a) by car b) away c) out 9) The weather was awful. It was___________________________every day. a) foggy b) warm c) sunny 10) The hotel was____________ a) crowded b) delicious c) comfortable


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