Snail - I enjoy the rain. Don't let my size trick you because I'm quite strong! , Easter Basket - I've got sweets, chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs!, Baby Sheep - I'm small but I can run fast! I've got 4 legs and I can jump! , Bird - I can't swim but I can fly. I can sing too!, Chick - I'm small. I have got wings but I can't fly. Hmm, what's this? :), Easter Bunny - I'm fast and I can jump! I have got a basket with chocolate eggs and presents., Lady Bug - I like to climb flowers and I like to fly. I have got small wings., Bee - I'm fat and I like to drink from flowers. I can fly!, Daffodil - I'm a spring flower. I'm a symbol of Easter. I'm yellow., Easter Cake - Grandma likes to make __________. It's yummy!, Chocolate Bunny - I'm an animal but I can't walk, jump or run. You can eat me., Stork - I'm from Poland but I don't like cold. I can fly!, Daisy - I'm a small flower and you can see me in parks and gardens., Butterfly - I can fly but I can't swim. I have got wings and more than two legs., Easter Egg - I'm small and I can be many colors. , Easter Egg Hunt - Children love me! I'm a tradition.,

Easter and Spring riddles harder version !


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