1) Do you like______(get up) early? 2) Are you afraid of_______(fly)? 3) Do you mind__________(wait) for people who are late? 4) Did you hate___________(go) to school when you were 10? 5) Do you enjoy___________(read) in bed? 6) Are you good at___________(sing)? 7) Have you started__________(do) a new activity recently? 8) Do you think____________(do) exercise is boring? 9) Have you stopped__________(do) an activity recently? 10) Do you enjoy___________(go) to the cinema alone? 11) Do you feel like_________(watch) a new film this evening? 12) Do you think_________(play) computer games teaches you anything? If yes, what? 13) Did you like__________(eat) fruit and vegetables when you were a child? 14) Are you thinking of___________(get) a new haircut soon? 15) Did you dream of__________(be) famous in your childhood? 16) What do you want_______(do) tonight? 17) What is the best way_______(make) new friends? 18) What celebrity would you like______(meet) and why? 19) What do you need______(do) tomorrow? 20) Is there anything you sometimes forget_______(do)?

8A Gerunds and Infinitives Freer practice


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