1) My dad used a needle and ______ to mend my shirt. a) bread b) thred c) thread d) tread 2) After one week of no water, my flowers were ______. a) dead b) bread c) thread d) ded 3) He was _____ in the race. a) instead b) dead c) bread d) ahead 4) It was so cold, he could see his ______. a) breth b) bread c) breath d) ahead 5) Banana nut _____ is my favorite. a) bread b) breath c) bred d) thread 6) Don't _____ the hot stove! a) tuch b) touch c) double d) young 7) I got in ____ when I hit my baseball through the window. a) trouble b) double c) cousin d) truble 8) After spinning in circles, I was so dizzy I was seeing _____. a) cousin b) trouble c) double d) duble 9) My grandma got married when she was very _____. a) young b) cousin c) yung d) trouble 10) I got my _____ a card for his birthday. a) young b) double c) cousin d) cosin

Unit 5, Week 5 Spelling Words (ea/ou) Cloze Sentences


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