Skull - The main bone structure of the head., Nerve - A thin fiber that carries signals between the brain and other parts of the body., Cerebellum - The part of the brain that controls muscles, movement, and balance., Cerebrum - The largest part of the brain, which controls thinking, feeling, and some of the senses., Brain - The control center of the nervous system., Brain Stem - The part of the brain that controls basic body functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure., Bone Marrow - Spongy material that produces blood cells and is found in the center of bones., Nervous System - The system that sends and receives messages for the body and to control the activities of the body., Sense Organs - Body parts that have special nerve cells that gather information about one's surroundings., Nerve Cell - A cell that gathers and carries information in the body., Neurons - Have a special shape which contains tiny branches called nerve endings., Spinal Cord - A bundle of nerves that connects the brain with nerves throughout the body.,




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