You go to town with odd shoes on., You lose your bank card., A friend/partner breaks a promise., You lost your temper in front of your co-workers., A friend can't join your party., Your friend moves to another country., You are going on holiday soon, You break up with your boyfriend., You bought a very expensive phone., There are only soap operas to watch when you and your family sit down to watch TV., Your brother/sister keeps borrowing your stuff without asking., You see a sad film with your mother., People keep telling you that you look like your mother/father., Your father has decided to move the family to another city., People think your mother/father is actually your sister/brother., A long lost relative has left your family a huge sum of money., You find out that your cousin is coming to live with you..

Objective First - Unit 11.2 - Past and Present Participles - How do you feel in these situations?




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