Correct: He had gloomy features , He was the Greek god of the Dead, His father was the Titan Cronus, He had a beard, He had a dog called Cerberus, He had dark hair falling over his brow, He had a dog with three heads , He never left his gloomy kingdom, His sacred symbol was his helmet, His mother was the Titaness Rhea, He had five siblings, His wife was called Persephone, Poseidon was his brother, His helper was Charos, Incorrect: His sacred symbol was the crocus flower, He abducted Europe , He was wearing wings on his sandals, He was the God of the Thieves, His mother was Aphrodite, He was the god of Iron, He had a physical disability, He created the first woman of the ancient world, He was the Lord of Justice, He was responsible for the weather , He was holding a golden sword in his hands, He had impressive golden hair, He invented the lute, He had a twin sister,  He wore a wreath of ivy on his head,

Hades, Greek God of the Underworld




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