1) what do groynes do? a) control movement of beach material b) create waves  c) photosynthesis d) stop floods e) prevent kids from getting washed away 2) what is solution? a) how to fix something b) rocks are thrown by the waves at the side of a cliff c) rocks bash against eachother and become more smooth and rounded d) its where metals are dissolved in the water e) its where minerals are dissolved in the water 3) which of these images is an example of how long-shore drift works? a) b) c) d) 4) how many people were killed during typhoon haiyan? a) 7,000 people b) 10,000 people c) 30,000 people d) 2 million people e) 17 people 5) what are the coulors of the nigerian flag a) green and white b) blue and white c) red and black d) purple and green e) white and green




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