I lost my wallet in the street yesterday. - Don't worry..., I’ve just broken up with my partner. - Cheer up! I'm sure..., We just bought a dog – a Labrador! - Congratulations! ..., I have a really difficult exam tomorrow. - Good luck! I'm sure..., We’re going to see the new Star Wars film! - Fantastic! ..., I’m going to start going to the gym next week! - That's great! ..., I have a date tonight. I’m really nervous! - Don’t worry. I’m sure ..., I’m going to study in the UK next year. - That’s really good..., My team are playing an important match today. - That’s fantastic! ..., I’m going to Mary’s party tonight. - Great! I’m sure ..., I’ve just lost my job. - Cheer up! ..., My plane leaves in ten 12 minutes. I can’t find my passport! - Don’t worry....


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