Blogging is a fun way to explore your interests while also putting your writing in the ____ eye. There are many online platforms which ____ free or very inexpensive places where you can post your writing, so it’s easy to start too. Whether bloggers are writing about serious subjects such as politics or just chatting about certain ____ on TV or in films, they end up improving the quality of the ____. They also enjoy the ____ with people who follow and comment on their blog. All in all, blogging is a rewarding experience. Of course, you have to be careful about what you write because everybody can read it. You don’t want to ____ too much about yourself. Otherwise, somebody might ____ your privacy. And you don’t want to be too critical of others, because they could ____. Some bloggers have millions of subscribers, don’t expect to be that successful. At the same time, if you listen to ____ on what you write from informed and knowledgeable people, you will improve as a writer. Nowadays, a lot of bloggers move on to become journalists and work for the ____ after starting out writing stuff in their bedrooms

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