Cotton Gin - Machine invented by Eli Whitney that quickly removed the seeds from the cotton led to an increase in the number of slaves, Compromise of 1850 - Compromise between the North and South Californian would enter as a free state in exchange for the passing of the Fugitive Slave Act, Dred Scott Case - Declared slaves not citizens, Fugitive Slave Act - Act that required runaway slaves to be returned to their masters if caught, Election of 1860 - Lincoln become president and states seceded from the union, Georgia Platform - Position supported by prominent GA politicians that supported the Compromise of 1850, Missouri Compromise - Missouri slave state Maine free state, Nullification - To void something, Secession - The act of separating from a nation or state and becoming independent, Anaconda Plan - The Union's plan to block all of the Southern Ports, Andersonville - Southern Civil War camp built to hold 10,000 prisoners but held 30,000. Many soldiers died at the camp, Atlanta Campaign - Series of battles that cut off Confederate supplies, Battle of Chickamauga - Largest battle in Georgia. Confederate Victory, Emancipation Proclamation - Lincoln's declaring all slaves freeS, Sherman's March to the Sea - Sherman's initiative to capture Savannah, 13 th Amendment - Ended Slavery, 14th Amendment - African Americans Citizenship, 15th Amendment - African American Men Voting, Black Codes - Laws created during Reconstruction to take away civil rights or freedoms, Freedmen's Bureau - Federal agency created to provide aid to former slaves, Sharecropping - Type of farming which families rent small plots and return part of the crop to the landowners., Tenant Farming - Leasing land to farm,





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