perfect form of present participles to say one activity happened before another. (=and then) - Having done all of my exercises, I had a long shower. , participles to explain the reason for something. (=because) - Wanting to get to the bank before it closed, I took a taxi.  || Feeling tired, we eventually stopped for a rest., past participles as an alternative to the passive.  - Bought by United last month, Bill is a real asset to the team. , present participles to talk about actions happening at the same time.  (while, as) - Clearing out my desk, I found some old sports medals I'd won. ||She left the room singing happily. She left the room singing happily., to state a condition (=as long as) - Handled carefully, those creatures are not dangerous. , to reduce two sentences to one. - A lion approached, looking hungry., to replace a relative clause - Located in Chile and Peru, the Atacama is the world's driest desert., Presen participle to emphasize that one thing happened just after another. (=as soon as) - Noticing the huge hole in the road, Carlos hit the brakes., to give a negative reason (=in order not to) - Not wanting to take any chances, they kept away from the cliff edge., present participles to express a result (so) - The bridge collapsed, leaving us stranded on the island.,

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