1) He _______ a lot of water. a) drink b) drinks 2) She _______ to school by bus. a) go b) goes 3) I _______ computer games. a) play b) plays 4) We _______ junk food. a) eat b) eats 5) He _______ comic books. a) read b) reads 6) You _______ a lot of movies. a) watch b) watches 7) They _______ football every Saturday. a) play b) plays 8) She _______ English everyday. a) study b) studies 9) I _______ a lot of books. a) have b) has 10) He _______ his homerwork on time. a) do b) does 11) She _______ her lessons at 1.00 pm. a) finish b) finishes 12) We _______ in the countryside. a) don't live b) doesn't live 13) My cat _______ fish. a) don't like b) doesn't like 14) My monkey _______ to be at home. a) don't like b) doesn't like 15) You _______ in a hospital. a) don't work b) doesn't work 16) I _______ a dictionary in English lessons. a) don't use b) doesn't use 17) Gerardo _______ a lot of exercise. a) don't do b) doesn't do 18) Antonella _______ a lot of coffee. a) don't drink b) doesn't drink 19) We _______ a lot of sushi. a) don't eat b) doesn't eat 20) They _______ to the park on weekends. a) don't go b) doesn't go 21) I _______ books in the bus. a) don't read b) doesn't read 22) She _______ music at school. a) don't teach b) doesn't teach 23) how does he feel? a) pleased b) confused c) relaxed d) delighted 24) How does he feel? a) tired b) angry c) scared d) proud 25) How does she feel? a) annoyed b) miserable c) shocked d) shy 26) How does she feel? a) disgusted b) tired c) bored d) happy 27) How does he feel? a) bored b) angry c) tired d) hungry 28) Name this state. a) cold b) hot c) tired d) shy 29) Name this state. a) hungry b) sad c) thirsty d) worried 30) Name this state. a) curious b) sick c) hot d) cold 31) How does he feel? a) bored b) proud c) nervous d) sad 32) How does she feel? a) nervous b) worried c) ashamed d) curious 33) How does he feel? a) scared b) sad c) excited d) nervous 34) How does she feel? a) surprised b) furious c) thirsty d) sad

English Test N°1 - 7th Grade (Present Simple and Feeling/Emotions)


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