1) The queen .... breakfast in bed. a) have b) has c) don't have 2) Elizabeth ... in the garden. a) work b) works c) doesn't works d) play 3) She .... the bus to the town centre. a) take b) go c) takes d) goes 4) She ... her dogs. a) eats b) feed c) feeds d) don't feed 5) She ..... have biscuits with her afternoon tea. a) doesn't b) don't c) dosen't 6) She .... shopping. a) go b) goes c) don't go 7) She .... the shopping in the supermarket. a) does b) do c) love 8) She ... her car. a) love b) drive c) drives d) flies 9) She .... her horse near her castle. a) rides b) ride c) drives d) runs 10) Queen Elizabeth and and her husband Prince Phillip .... in Buckingham Palace in London. a) live b) lives 11) Mickey and Millie .... to school by bike. a) go b) goes c) doesn't go 12) Megan, Harry and little Archie .... live in London, they live in Hollywood. a) don't b) doesn't




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