1) complex carbohydrates a) b) animal protein c) fats d) plant protein 2) simple carbohydrates a) b) fats c) animal protein d) apples 3) If we consume too much starchy vegetables we can develop a) muscles b) bones c) diabetes d) energy 4) Helps with the absorption of vitamins a) carboyhydrates b) Fats c) Protiens d) Minerals 5) Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins a) true b) false 6) There are ____ types of macronutrients a) 3 b) 2 c) 4 d) 6 7) _____ is an example of fat macronutrient. a) Donut b) Butter c) Oil d) all of the above 8) _______ is an example of carbs. a) Pasta b) orange c) greens 9) ______ is an example of protein. a) beef b) chicken c) hot dogs d) all of the above


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