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1)  accepted as true without proof a) referring b) quote c) impact d) assumption 2) Blade made the _________________ that Max was stupid. a) assumption b) inference c) quote d) impact  3) supply, provide, submit , give to, a) contribute b) quote c) assumption d) impact  4) "He _________________________articles to the magazine." a) referred  b) inferenced c) contributed d) inferred 5) How did the setting _________________________ to the mood of that scene? a) infer b) give in c) contribute d) assumption 6)  have a strong and sometimes bad effect on (something or someone) a) contribute b) infer c) referring d) impact 7) How did Max's point-of view _________________________your perspective of Freak? a) refer b) inhale c) impact  d) quote 8) to form (an opinion) from evidence : to reach (a conclusion) based on known facts  a) quote b) infer c) inference d) contribute 9) When you ______________________, you make an educated guess based on the clues. a) assumption b) inference c) referring d) infer 10) What do the author's clues lead the reader to _____________ here? a) infer b) impact c) refer d) read 11) The educated guess made from the clues. He made an __________________________ from the evidence given. a) quote b) infer c) inference d) reference 12) quote (as a noun) a) give credit to the speaker b) infer c) assumption d) taken from a text or speech."a quote from Wordsworth" 13) repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech) a) assumption b) referring c) quote d) assumption 14)  She kept ________________________ to her notes. a) impacting b) assuming  c) referring d) quoting  15) Is the poem _______________________ to a cold night or to pain? a) passing b) referring c) quoting d) contributing 16) Is that joke ______________________ to the mistake I made last week? a) replying b) singing c) referring d) inferring

6th grade 2013 Released EOG testing Vocab.


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