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1) What SSD stands for? a) Serial Sub Digital b) Solid State Drive c) Universal Serial Bus d) Hard Disk Drive 2) From what programming language C++ came from? a) Python b) C# c) Java d) C e) GML f) JavaScript 3) What is resolution? a) The number of pixels found on your screen. b) The number of monitors you use c) The display size d) The monitor size e) The size of pixels on your monitor 4) How much bit is one byte? a) 5 b) 1 c) 12 d) 1024 e) 8 f) It's not stated obviously 5) In what programming language is the structure of a webpage made? a) CSS b) Java c) JavaScript d) PHP e) Go f) HTML 6) Which is an input device from the below ones? a) Monitor b) Keyboard c) Speaker d) Printer e) Projector f) Headphone 7) How much keys have a common keyboard? a) 104 b) 98 c) 58 d) 216 e) 99 f) 102 8) What character coding contains the most characters? a) UTF-8 b) ASCII c) Macroman d) BIG5


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