It's lunchtime and you are very hungry, but too busy to go to the shops. , You have an awful headache., Your car has broken down and you are late for work., You don't understand your English homework., There is a terrible mess in the office., Your bag is very heavy., You've lent your colleague some money, but he/she hasn't paid you back yet., You don't know how to use some new software., You're thirsty. , You've left your wallet at home but you need to pay for your coffee now., The phone is ringing and your friend is sitting quite near it. Ask him/her. , You've just met your friend at the train station. He has two enormous suitcases. Ask him/her., The choice on the menu is fish or chicken. You hate fish. , You've just bought a puppy, but it doesn't have a name yet. , You want to read a book but it's too dark in the room., Your friend has just told you a really big secret. .


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