1) The capital of Israel is _________. a) Jerusalem b) Tel Aviv c) Haifa d) Eilat 2) Israel is in __________. a) Europe b) Asia c) Africa d) Australia 3) The currency of Israel is the ____________. a) New Israeli Shekel b) Forint c) Euro d) Dollar 4) Eilat is on the shores of the _____ Sea. a) Mediterranean  b) Black c) Dead d) Red 5) Tel Aviv is on the shores of the _____ Sea. a) Mediterranean b) Dead c) Black d) Red 6) The name of the desert in the south of Israel is ______________. a) Judean b) Mediterranean c) Jerusalem d) Negev 7) The official colors on the Israeli flag are __________ and ____________. a) red and yellow b) black and red c) blue and white d) blue and yellow 8) The national anthem of Israel is called ___________ a) Hamelech b) Hatikva c) Hamotzi d) Hagafen 9) A traditional Israeli food is ___________  a) Peanut butter and jelly b) Spaghetti c) Falafel d) Pot roast 10) How long does it take to fly to Israel? a) 3 hours b) 5 hours c) 11 hours d) 15 hours 11) In what year did Israel become a state? a) 1948 b) 1972 c) 1776 d) 1817 12) What animal do tourists like to ride in Israel? a) Donkey b) Horse c) Camel d) Elephant 13) Israel is approximately the same size as which US state? a) North Carolina b) Florida c) Texas d) New Jersey 14) This holy wall in Jerusalem where Jews pray daily is called: a) The Western Wall b) The Kotel c) The Wailing Wall d) All of the above 15) A native Israeli is often compared to this soft on the inside, prickly on the outside fruit: a) Persimmon b) Sabra c) Jaffa Orange d) Papaya 16) True of False: Israel is the only country in the world that has more trees than it did 50 years ago a) True b) False 17) Israel's national airline is: a) TWA b) FlyIsrael c) El Al d) Shalom Air 18) True or False: Israel has the world's only underwater museum. a) True b) False 19) Besides Hebrew, what other languages are used most in Israel? a) English and Arabic b) French and English c) Spanish and Arabic d) Yiddish and English 20) What is the lowest point on earth? a) Masada b) Dead Sea c) Negev Desert d) Mediterranean Sea




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