stick to something - = Follow your rules and principles, be prone to smth - = Likely to do something, exaggerate - = Make a mountain out of a molehill, suck up to someone - = Try to win the approval and good opinion of someone in authority, take everything in one's stride - = To deal with a problem or difficulty calmly, laid-back - = Not usually worried about other people's behaviour or things that need to be done:, undermine - = Lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, hit it off - = Get along from the very first moment, stand up for - = Speak or act in support of, a slacker - = Lazybones or couch potato, get back on the straight and narrow - = Behave in a way that is honest and moral, back down - = Surrender, pull one's weight - = Do one's bit , put smb at their ease - = make one relaxed and not worried, see eye to eye - = agree, pride oneself on smth - = to be proud of sth, lighten-up - = become less serious or gloomy, and more cheerful,

Outcomes Advanced Unit 2 Collocations and idioms




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