1) Nelson Mandela a) was a Chinese president b) was the 1st black South African president 2) Neil Armstrong a) was an American astronaut b) was an American actor 3) The Beatles a) were popular in the 1960s b) were popular in the 1990s 4) William Shakespeare a) was an English scientist b) was an English writer 5) Leonardo Da Vinci a) was an Italian polymath b) was a German engineer 6) Einstein a) was very good at Maths b) was very good at English 7) Barak Obama a) was POTUS from 2005-2008 b) was POTUS from 2009-2017 8) Mozart a) was an Austrian composer b) as an Ausrtian explorer 9) Steve Jobs a) was a University teacher b) was the co-founder of Apple 10) Pablo Picasso a) was a Spanish painter b) was a Spanish singer 11) Manos Hadjidakis a) was a Greek composer b) was a Greek politician 12) Ann Frank a) was Jewish b) was Catholic 13) Charlie Chaplin a) was a clown b) was a comedian 14) Maria Callas a) was a Greek opera singer b) was a Greek ballet dancer 15) Socrates a) was a Roman emperor b) was a Greek philosopher




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