1) Who keeps us safe at a pool? a) A doctor b) A lifeguard c) A teacher 2) Where do we go swimming? a) a pool b) the store c) a restaurant 3) Where do sunglasses go? a) On your feet b) On your arms c) On your face 4) What do you put on your skin to protect you from sunburn? a) Sun b) Sunblock c) Ice 5) What do you wear to go swimming?  a) A Swimsuit b) A Hat c) Shoes 6) When do you use a towel? a) When you're dry b) To dry off c) When you're wet 7) What do you use in the pool to keep your eyes safe? a) Sunglasses b) Goggles c) Swimsuit 8) What do you sleep in when you go camping? a) a sleeping bag and tent b) a campfire c) a bed 9) Where do you build a sandcastle? a) the beach b) the pool c) with a bucket 10) When do you need sunglasses? a) When it's rainy b) When it's windy c) When it's sunny




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