1) There are three very large, prominent trees in Maines Field, these trees are: a) Sycamores b) Maples c) Gingkos 2) What was the prior name of Riverside Drive? a) Main Street b) Elm Street c) Hollywood Blvd 3) Florence’s first permanent dwelling was erected in 1778. This home belonged to: a) Norwood Levinthall b) Ebenizer Hinckley c) Gertrude Lexington d) Joseph Warner 4) In the 2009 traffic study of Riverside Drive, before speed humps, every day the city clocked vehicles traveling at speeds as high as: a) 40 to 45 mph b) 45 to 50 mph c) 50 to 55mph 5) At the BSVA Big Bike Bonanza at Maines Field  on May 15th of 2010 you could: a) Throw a pie in the face of the BSVA President for a dollar. b) Throw a water balloon at the BSVA President for a dollar. c) Throw a pie and a water balloon at the BSVA President for a dollar and fifty cents. d) Take a Pedal People bike and trailer for a test ride. 6) In 1890 a skilled worker at Clement Cutlery who put in a 64 hour week was paid: a) $64 b) $98 c) $150 7) The Northampton Street Railway (electric trolley cars) was extended down Riverside Drive to serve the Village in 1893. A traveler could ride the loop to Holyoke, South Hadley and over Mt.Holyoke to Amherst, and back for: a) .25 cents b) .35 cents c) 1 dollar 8) How much were BSVA dues in 2000? a) $6 b) $10 c) $12 9) In the 1850’s The Clement Street Cutlery (Until recently Yankee Hill Machine Company) was making shovels, hoes and other farm equipment.  In 1861 they received a government contract to make sabers, bayonets, ramrods and gun barrels.  What was happening that created the demand for these products? a) War of 1812 b) US Civil War c) War of the Roses d) French and Indian War 10) on the first Saturday of June in the year 2000, Bay Staters could join with numerous of their neighbors, putting possessions they no longer wanted on their lawn where they would: a) Load them in the giant trash wagon as it went by. b) Attempt to sell them. c) Give them all a fresh coat of paint. 11) At the bend in Riverside Drive by the Cutlery building, now the home of Valley Home Improvement, there was originally the Bay State Village Fire House. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, on Friday nights and Saturday mornings the top floor was a popular kids hangout as the space was converted into what? a) A youth pool hall b) A juice bar, known for teens sneaking in alcohol. c) A lending library 12) Back in the day, kids in Baystate referred to the Clement Street Bridge as a) The Black Bridge b) The Shaky-Shaky Bridge c) The Closed Bridge d) The Cutlery Bridge 13) The William H. Feiker School (now Nonotuck) was named after a former mayor of Northampton who lived on: a) Warner Street b) Lexington Street c) Riverside Drive d) Maple Terrace 14) Mr. and Mrs. Lawler sold penny candy at their variety store (now apartments) at: a) Hinckley and Riverside b) What is now Pho Boston 15) The USGS (United States Geological Survey) has installed a monitor by the Clement Street Bridge.  If you go to waterdata.sugs.gov you can find the measurement of what? a) CFS- Water flow measured in cubic feet per second. b) FBB- Feet beneath the bridge. How many feet the surface of water is below the bridge. c) CVB- Cars verses bikes. How many cars versus how many bikes have crossed the bridge. 16) Federal Street’s former name was a) Paper Mill Road b) Hollywood Blvd c) Massachusetts Avenue 17) What could you get 22 Liberty Street? a) A haircut b) An oil change c) A bouquet of flowers d) A gallon of milk 18) You are out for a walk, climbing up Warner street and you think you see Don Quixote, standing in front of 101 Warner and staring towards the sky. He says he is looking at: a) A giant bear sculpture b) A soaring hawk c) A windmill

Bay State Village Trivia Night 1: April 2021




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