trainers - Lots of people put these on their feet before they do sports, pockets - If you're wearing trousers, you can keep small things in these, crown - The king has a wonderful gold....... on the top of his head, a rabbit - This wild animal usually has grey fur and when it feels frightened, it hop away very quickly, a tortoise - This creature walks very slowly and has a large shell on its back, a dictionary - you can use this to see the spellings and meanings of words, languages - These are the words and ways people speak in different parts of the world, doctors - You go to see these people if you are ill. If you are feeling sick or sore, they give you the right medicine, a mechanic - This person can repair your car if there's a problem with its engine , a photographer - this person takes pictures of interesting places and people for magazines, a coat - You wear this over other clothes when you go outside, a belt - Some people wear this round the top of their trousers or skirt, an entrance - when you go from the street to the inside of a building, this is what you walk through, traffic - this is all the cars, trucks, lorries and motorbikes we can see on a busy road.,

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