Is your city beautiful in your opinion?, Are you from here? Yes, I am / No, I'm not, Where are you from? I am from..., When is your birthday?, Are you an only child? Yes, I am / No, I'm not, Are you the youngest, the middle or the oldest child?, What’s your phone number?, Are you an organized person?, Are you punctual?, Are you shy?, Are you the kind of person is always in a good or in a bad mood?, Are you the kind of person is always stressed?, What are you afraid of? , Are you addicted to anything? What are you addicted to?, Are you good at cooking?, Are you careful about your things?, Are you a curious person?, What kind of music are you interested in?, What kind of things are you interested in? , Are you taking any other course?, What course are you taking at the moment (besides English)?, Are you getting used to English?, Is it good to speak English?, Are you hungry/thirsty/cold/hot/sleepy/tired?, Are you getting hungry/sleepy?, Are you reading anything? What are you reading?, What are your parents’ names?, How are your parents?, What is your pet’s name? How old is it?, What color is your room?, What problems are you facing now?, How are you feeling today?, What is your favorite thing in the world?.


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