1. I am frustrated because I can't play with my friends in the park today.. , 2. Maybe I can go to the park tomorrow. For today, I can call my friend and we can play a game online together.. , 3. I can take a deep breath. , 4. I can go for a walk. , 5. I can take a break to cool off and drink some water. , 6. I might not have gotten chosen for the team I wanted but at least I still get to play my favorite sport. , 7. I am Frustrated! Why is school close? I don't like learning online!, 8. I like being able to stay in my pajamas, eat lunch at home, and still be able to see my teacher and classmates online. , 9. I can do some exercise and yoga to relax my body. , 10. I'm so mad that I didn't get picked for the same team as my best friend!.

Zac Gets Frustrated Triangle Game




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