open-minded - ready to listen to and accept new and different ideas, narrow-minded - the opposite of open-minded; not ready to accept new and different ideas, easy-going - relaxed, not worrying or getting angry much, good-tempered - positive and cheerful, bad-tempered - the opposite of good-tempered; often angry, laid-back - calm and relaxed, well-balanced - sensible and emotionally in control, well-behaved - behaving in a polite and correct way, absent-minded - often forgetting things because you are thinking about something else, big-headed - having a very high opinion of how important and clever you are, self-centred - thinking only about yourself, strong-willed - doing what you want to do, even if other people advise you not to, tight-fisted - greedy, not ready to spend or give away much money, two-faced - pretending to be your friend and saying bad things about you behind your back ,


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