Desert - Water is scarce in this environment. People create resevoirs to conserve water, and utilise solar power. , Altiplano - Environment at high altitude. The people of this environment raise livestock (e.g. llamas, alpacas) and construct terraced farms. , Coastal - This environment has a moderate climate, due to the regulating effect of the ocean. , Mediterranean - This environment is perfect for agriculture and livestock, because of the fertile land, flat terrain, temperate climate and abundance of flowing water. , Mineral - Lots of these resources are found in the desert environment (underground). , Aymara - Name of an indigenous group that lives in the altiplano environment. , Rainy - Larch wood is used to construct houses in this environment., Pollution - Large cities in valleys often have this problem. , Patagonian - This is the southernmost environment in mainland Chile. , Steppe - The climate of the Patagonian environment. It has few trees and is mainly grassland. , Polar - Located to the South of mainland Chile. , Tourism - The main activites of the Patagonian environment are livestock and ____________., Easter - The capital of this island is Rapa Nui. , West - The Juan Fernandez Islands are located to the ______ of mainland Chile. ,




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