Ali spilled the water. - She got a towel so she could clean up the puddle., It started raining just as I was about to walk to my friend's house. - I got an umbrella to keep me dry., Jen was really hungry. - She made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich., My shoes were untied and I kept tripping. - I tied my shoelaces., Jim fell down and scraped his knee. - His mom put a bandaid on it and gave him a hug., Mike accidentally broke his sister's toy. - He said, "I'm sorry," and bought his sister a new toy., Our car got a flat tire. - Dad took the car to the shop and the mechanic fix it., Suzie was not good at running. - She practiced every day for three weeks and got faster., Ian's handwriting was hard to read. - He worked very hard to form his letters correctly and learned to write neatly., Kate's hands were really dry. - She got some cream and rubbed it on her hands.,




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