Paris -The city of love and romance! Cruising down the river Seine is a truly romantic programme., New York - A very modern city in the USA, it’s also called the Big Apple or ’The City that Never Sleeps’., London - This city is the home of the world’s most famous royal family. There are a lot of beutiful old churches and museums to visit., Tokyo - Island city lying off the east coast of Asia. The cherry blossom looks fantastic and fascinating., Venice - Beautiful ancient city in Italy where you can wander around in gondola and listen to italian music., Rio de Janeiro - Famous brasilian city with enjoying Heart-stopping beauty, the city of carnivals, incendiary samba, Vienna - The capital and largest city of Austria. Vienna is considered a city of music and art., Oslo - The capital of Norway, one of the most modern and eco-friendly capitals in Europe with an abundance of interesting architecture, Amsterdam - A city (capital of Holland) of amazing architecture, hundreds of canals and thousands of bridges..


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