1) The blanket of air that covers the Earth a) barometer b) cumulus c) atmosphere d) thermometer 2) an invisible part of the air around us a) barometer b) clouds c) water cycle d) water vapor 3) this measures the weight of the air pushing on an area a) thermometer b) barometer c) leimometer d) mometer 4) water moves between Earth's surface and atmosphere by evaporation, condensation, and precipitation a) water cycle b) water vapor c) warm front d) condensation 5) this often moves quickly and brings stormy weather a) water cycle b) warm front c) cold front d) forecast 6) often brings light, steady rain and causes the temperature to rise after the rain passes a) warm front b) cold front c) water vapor d) water cycle 7) in the ocean and transport warm water from the equator tot he poles a) warm front b) cold front c) current d) forecast 8) instrument where the liquid rises and falls with the temperature a) barometer b) thermometer c) dadometer d) ruby 9) satellites help use predict the weather a) water vapor b) barometer c) thermometer d) forecast 10) cumulus, stratus, and cirrus are all types of.... a) spiders b) clouds c) birds d) buttcheeks 11) a cold air front is a a) moving cold air mass b) moving warm air mass c) moving hot air mass d) Kate's mom is the best 12) circular patterns in the ocean are formed by a) sharks b) clouds c) currents d) water cycle 13) the process in which water vapor cools and changes into liquid a) evaporation b) condensation c) precipitation d) oh no no no 14) snow, sleet, and ail are the 3 forms of a) evaporation b) condensation c) precipitation d) yeah yeah yeah 15) the greater the water vapor in the air, the a) greater the humidity b) less the humidity c) greater the temperature d) less the temperature

Ch. 7 Weather and Climate




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