1) Ted: Do you like this rock band?  Clint: Yes, I think they __________ famous one day. a) will be b) are going to be 2) Ann __________ Christmas with her family in France. a) is going to spend b) will spend 3) Mary: Why are so happy today? Kelly: We __________ our wedding anniversary in a club.  a) will celebrate b) are going to celebrate 4) I don't like this movie theater. I definitely __________ The Hunger Games here. a) won't watch b) am not going to watch 5) My friends and I __________ our English homework in the afternoon.  a) are going to do b) will do 6) Do you think we __________ flying cars in Salvador in 2050? a) are going to see b) will see 7) Mark: Is this a good film? Michael: Yes , I'm sure you __________ it. a) will like b) are going to like 8) Quentin Tarantino __________ a movie in December. a) will release b) is going to release




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