It seems to me that each different a stage of life has good and bad memories. It is difficult to say which is the best moment in our life. ____, on the whole, being a teenager is a good time of life as I will explain. ____, when you are a teenager you have a lot of freedom. Although you have to study, you have lots of time to be with all your friends and you don't need to worry too much about basic things like food, money, shopping or doing things around the house. When you are a teenager, you are not trapped in a boring routine like the adults. ____, being a teenager can be stressful because of exams and sometimes you may have problems with your parents or friends. ____, though we should remember that it is probably far more stressful to be working or to be a parent with other people depending on you. ____, I believe that being a teenager isn't perfect but in my view, it is an exciting time, because it is a time when you are free and ready for new challenges, experiences and possibilities.

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