1) ' I am sorry I was late.' a) He said he was sorry he was late. b) He apologized to be late. c) He apologized for being late. 2) ' I will keep your secret!' a) He promised he will keep my secret. b) He promised he won't keep my secret. c) He promised that he would keep my secret. 3) ' Don't call him now, please!' a) He asked me to not call him then. b) He asked me to call him then. c) He asked me not to call him then. 4) 'Don't forget to lock the door!' a) He reminded me not to lock the door. b) He reminded me to lock the door. c) He reminded me to not forget to lock the door. 5) 'No, I won't do this!' a) He refused do that. b) He refused to do that. c) He refused doing that. 6) ' Would you like to join me for a ride?' a) He invited me to join him for a ride. b) He invited me join him for a ride. c) He invites me  join him for a ride. 7) ' Don't touch that!' a) He warned me to touch that. b) He warned me to not touch that. c) He warned me not to touch that. 8) 'You stole my bike!' a) He accused me I stole his bike. b) He accused me to have stolen his bike. c) He accused me of having stolen his bike. 9) 'Yes, I'll go there!' a) He agreed go there. b) He agreed to go there. c) He agreed going there. 10) 'Put that down, please!' a) He asked me to put that down. b) He asked me put that down. c) He asked me putting that down.




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