- When do you usually ____ up, Pete? - I wake up early, at 7 o'clock. I have to ____ my dogs in the morning. - Do you walk ____ or do you have bodyguards? - I walk alone, but I always ____ a cap and sunglasses. -Do you get a lot of ____? -Yes, I do. And I always ____ them. -Do you ____ a lot? -Yes, I do. But I miss my family and ____ very much. - What do you do in your ____? -I play ____ games, I play the guitar or I ____ for school. -Do you go to school? - No, I don't. I only take ____ and then I get marks. I'm an ____ student. - What's your favourite ____? - I have more than one. English, music and ____. - Have you got a sweetheart? - Er, I often ____ about one girl, but she doesn't know that. - Do you watch ____ on TV? - No, I don't. I only watch ____. My favourite is Sponge Bob, and yours? - I don't watch TV at all, I read ____ and books about ____ like Harry Potter.




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