1) Tom asked me politely not to hurry up. a) 'Hurry up!' b) 'Don't hurry up, please!' c) 'Do hurry up, please!' 2) William invited me for a drink the next day. a) 'Come for a drink next day!' b) 'Would you like to come for a drink with me tomorrow?' c) 'Would you care coming for a drink with me tomorrow?' 3) Jamie wanted to know whether I could help him there. a) 'Can you help me there?' b) 'I want to know if you could help me there.' c) 'Could you help me here or not?' 4) Mom forbade me to stay up later than 11 p.m. a) 'You needn't stay up later than 11 p.m.' b) 'You mustn't stay up later than 11 p.m.' c) 'You shouldn't stay up later than 1 p.m.' 5) She denied having met him before. a) 'No, I didn't meet him before.' b) 'No, I haven't met him before.' c) 'No, I hadn't meet him before.' 6) My friend suggested that I sit in for that exam. a) 'You may sit in for that exam.' b) 'Why don't you sit in for this exam?' c) 'You need to sit in for this exam.' 7) The teacher claimed that she knew that boy. a) 'I claim I knew that boy.' b) 'Yes, I knew that boy', the teacher claimed. c) 'I know this boy,' the teacher claimed. 8) The moderator permitted the man to speak. a) 'You could speak', the moderator said the man. b) 'You may speak,' said the moderator the man. c) 'You may speak, ' the moderator said to the man. 9) The young man boasted about being the cleverest in the class. a) 'I am being the cleverest in the class!' b) 'I am the cleverest in the class!' c) 'I am cleverest in the class!' 10) Mary suggested staying inside the next day. a) 'Let us stay inside the next day!' b) 'Let's stay inside tomorrow!' c) 'Why don't we staying inside tomorrow?' 11) She asked me not to repeat that after her. a) 'Repeat that after me!' b) 'Don't repeat that after me!' c) 'Don't repeat this after me!' 12) The lady exclaimed that her dress was wonderful. a) 'How wonderful my dress was!' b) 'What a beautiful dress!' c) 'My dress was wonderful, wasn't it?'

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