1) ________ Zak in his classroom? a) Did b) Was c) Does 2) What _______ the children use to write with in the past? a) did  b) were c) was 3) What _______ the boy's name? a) did b) were c) was 4) What did they have to __________? a) studyed b) studied c) study 5) What time did they ________to the break? a) go b) went c) goes 6) _________ Zak have a cap? a) Was b) Were c) Did 7) ______ Zak's school different? a) Was b) Were c) Did 8) What did some boys ______ to Edward? a) did b) do c) make 9) What ______________ to Edward's cap? a) happen b) happens c) happened 10) ________ Zak fall on the ground? a) Was b) Does c) Did

A Boy named Edward- Part 2-




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